Emil Näsinlinna Oy (Ltd) was established in year 1928 by Emil Evert Näsinlinna (1885-1968).

The factory is located in Tampere. The street was called Jussinkuja, but later it was named Suonsivunkatu. Our current adress is Suosivunkatu 22.

Emil Näsinlinna Oy has been located in the same building for 76 years. The factory was extended in the 1960s and by the year 1967 finished the locations for manifacture, storage and an office. Later in year 1973 locations for carpentry were built and in year 1984 it was time for two new storages, an office and washing facilities

Mason tools and cement tools has been a part of Näsi’s products from the beginning of the company. The factory’s operation was minimized when Finland was in war 1939-1944 mostly because of raw material shortage. Later on, the range of products increased to tools needed in masoning, tiling etc. The range of different tools have increased strongly through the years.

Most of our professional tools are handmade which guaranties the high quality of Emil Näsinlinna Oy’s products. Näsinlinna Oy’s success has always been based on the high quality of our products.

Quoting Matti Näsinlinna: ”Näsin-products enjoys the trust of its users, the constructors”.